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take to the sky

bukak blog orang ni, cerita pasal bf. bukak blog orang ni pasal bf lagaaa. tahu la aku baru break semalam kan hurr --' maybe post semalam terlalu simple, riak mungkin and '' ala ala '' aku tak sedih. hishh hanya tuhan je tahu perasaan aku sekarang :') i really miss him. i know you've a new superb girlfriend right now, she's pretty laika bitchhh oopps? #pikir aku nak puji? pirahhh! i've open your wall just now, grr my heart beating like a disco drum when i see that ' thing ' actually i'm just stay cool. because i don't wanna sucks my mind thinking about you everytime. i know this not our first time, but before this you've already learn how to burn me from your life right? say it babe, out loud i wanna hear it.

whatever things happen around us, whatever the bad things they'll say, whatever the long time you'll hate me.
i've promised to myself, that i'll never ever forget you, you're the best damn things that i ever had. i'll still loving you, take care of you. ya maybe you'll not do that sweet things to me, but nevermind. i don't care at all. how can i stand all this tomorrow? 1week? 1month? 1year without you. okey shut up, all about you is running out in my mind right now pink pigg ;')

lepas ni nak layan twitter pulak laa, nak cari bakal jodoh baru hekhek. doakan kesejahteraan aku. assalamualaikum ^^