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can't take my eyes off of you

yes dear, even though you're cousin. err but i fall in love with you xD brahhh! how can it will happen? i miss your arms around me, i miss your head on my shoulder, i miss the moment in the rain, i miss your joke, i miss a whole day with you, i miss your voice, romeo actually xD and make me fall laika aiscream :P rindu jugak nak kau usap kepala aku, time aku ngantok nak tidur ;> i miss taking picture with you at the beach and mostt! i miss a word i love you and playing paint with you every night.

 i know you love me even though we're cousin xD i don't really mind all that. i cannot stand when i leave atok house, a last time i shake your hand and a last time i see your face and your sad smile ;') now i am here, at Ipoh. we're still texting and calling. yes i know you miss me, just like me like i do right now. miss you a lot sayang. there're so much memories that i create with you. so much pretty day we through together. next year maybe i won't get back there. because my sister taking her exam SPM. nevermind babe, you're still in my heart and i do love you :P